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We are looking for the following:

This is a town field day to celebrate the town of Groveland. There will be Food, Games, Rides, and much more. This is an outdoor event!! We are looking for local Crafters for QUALITY HAND CRAFTED products made by the crafter or family members!! We are also seeking Local Growers.

Spaces are @ $25.00 each. Furnish your own table, Chairs, and tents.
Make Checks Payable to "Groveland Recreation Committee"

We are looking for the following categories but are not limited to: JEWELRY, SOAPS, CARDS, GROWERS & HAND PAINTED PRODUCTS.

If Interested in Registering for a Space contact:

Alease Hunt email: 

Groveland Day Committee
P.O. Box 152
Groveland, MA 01834